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Have you tried to stop smoking cigarettes only to find yourself smoking again?

Have you struggled using only sheer willpower to overcome the urge to smoke?

Have you tried to quit smoking cigarettes and found yourself irritable and stressed out?

Have you tried nicotine patches or gum and have been unsuccessful in kicking the nicotine addiction?

If you answer yes to any or all of the above questions, this program may be just what you are looking for to help you stop smoking cigarettes permanently.

Nicotine patches and gum only address the physical aspects of nicotine addiction. Most people experience more problems with the psychological aspect of the addiction. For instance, a vast majority of smokers typically use cigarettes to cope with stress, to reward themselves with a break, or as a source of pleasure after a meal.

Smoking may be a difficult to break habit of many years.In 3 individual sessions you will STOP SMOKING immediately and permanently while remaining relaxed and calm.



This program addresses nicotine addiction on three levels:

Conscious Perspective:

Conventional counseling is used to understand the dynamics of the addiction.

Subconscious Perspective:

With the use of hypnotherapy, resources are given to make the intitial stage of quitting smoking very manageable. Underlying negative attitudes are turned into a positive direction for long term success. For example, most smokers have tried more than once to quit smoking and have failed, which sets up a subconscious attitude of not being able to succeed. This interferes with attempts to stop smoking if not changed into a positive attitude of being able to succeed.


Physical Perspective:

Part of this addiction is physiological and there are things a person can physically do make the process easier.

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