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Since 1988, Marlene Bennett, M.A. has been in private practice as a counselor and hypnotherapist, combining the powerful resources of both the conscious and subconscious in therapy to assist clients in achieving the changes in life they desire. By using an eclectic counseling approach, having the tools of several different subconscious therapies, and also looking at each situation individually from a physical and spiritual level, if appropriate, the client is given a dynamic approach to healing and change. Because we are unique individuals, therapy is approached individually as well.

By combining counseling and hypnotherapy, most problems and situations can be worked through much more efficiently. You are encouraged to call to set up your FREE CONSULTATION to discover how this approach can assist you in achieving health, harmony, and balance in your life. For those unable to do counseling in person, e-Counseling and counseling by phone is available.

It is not important that a person go into a deep level of hypnosis for it to be effective. It is important for you to understand how hypnotherapy works and what you will experience, therefore you are invited to set up a consultation at no charge or obligation so that your particular situation can be discussed. All aspects of hypnotheraphy can be explained and any questions answered. All sessions are completely confidential.



Psychosonics is a dynamic technique that combines the research behind subliminal messages and how we learn language as a child. Research has shown that as children we begin to differentiate the meaning of words based on syllables rather than the distinct sounds. With subliminal messages it has been shown that if there is a trust and rapport developed between the therapist and client, the subconscious mind is open to receive positive input if that communication is understood to be more positive and beneficial.

Psychosonics is used to bypass the critical part of the conscious mind. As long as the conscious mind can understand what is being said, it is analyzing and often screening out positive messages that would be beneficial. With the use of Psychosonics and hypnotherapy, underlying attitudes can be turned around much more rapidly to achieve positive changes. It is also a tool that helps to facilitate the state of hypnosis and relaxation with virtually anyone.

Workshops teaching Psychosonics can be arranged for professionals in the field. Please contact Evergreen Counseling & Hypnotherapy for further details.

Listen to a 15 minute relaxation meditation.


Smoking cessation

Dissociative disorders
& food Issues

Change habits & patterns


Sexual dysfunctions


Self-esteem & confidence

Trauma resolution

Abuse: sexual, emotional & physical

Pain control

Stress management

Assisting goal attainment